Salient Features

A unique and very useful software which runs on Tablet (TAB) which saves the retailer's space in their premise. BillKwik is a very brilliant & Handy solution for your retail business. It is very user friendly Cost effective and Efficient Retail Business management solution .BillKwik is a Tablet based software application which can help reduce Your transaction time by fast billing.Keeping track on the inventory Delivery boys and allied mechanism tracking.

Conspicuous Features

  • Android tablet based
  • Auto cloud backup
  • Quick & easy billing
  • Touch screen based
    • Product groups for easy clustering
  • Multilingual touch buttons
  • Barcode scanning enabled
  • Printing enabled
    • 2” and 3” printer

Multi Branch Features

  • Product master broadcast instantly and automatically to all branches
  • Rate change broadcast instantly and automatically to all branches

Modes Of Payments

  • Cash
  • Credit Card - It integrated with device
  • Other types


  • Cross platform companion app - view your reports on Android as well as iOS
  • Multi branch reports on companion app
  • Productwise, Branchwise etc.
  • Salesman performance tracking
  • Inventory reporting

Home Delivery Tracking

  • Tracking of amount receivable from delivery boys in Home Delivery

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